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2016 Tournament Dates
June 18, July 16, August 20

Expect changes in the coming 2016 Tournaments. Note first of all, the date changes above. Secondly, entry fees have changed. Please see our 2016 Bocce Registration form for more details. Happy Bocce!

Bocce Ball Tournament Registration

2015 Bocce Ball Tournament Winners Gallery

Congratulations to each of the winning teams!
Charlotte's Quest Nature Center appreciates your support.

Special recognition and our heartfelt appreciation to Vince DePalmer, sponsor.

The proceeds from the 2015 tournaments, as well as next year's proceeds are dedicated to support the new astrology site at Charlotte's Quest. This new site houses a separate building, which is home to a new 15' telescope. A concrete pad sits out front for viewing the sky in all its glory.

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